18mm Dial
HSN's with molded plastic adjusting grips must be
temporarily removed from the brass housing to install
the dial. Modifying or removing the plastic grip from
the HSN is not necessary.
Silver (uncoated) needles, alternatives could be a
drop of paint, file or dremel cut.
For maximum tuning control, the High Speed Needle
(HSN) needs some type of Needle Reference Point.

Most HSN's have a black or grayish coating.  Use a
hobby knife and scratch off the coating to expose
the silver base metal.  Make the Reference Point
about 1/16 inch (1.5mm) long at one end of the slot.
N-Tune  Dials (Sport & Race) feature a 1/10 turn tuning scale.  Illustrations show
the 1/10 turn scale as compared to 1/8 turn and one hour tuning.
Most applications the tuning dial will attach to
the HSN housing without any clearance issues.

Vehicle components positioned close to the
HSN may require some modifications to
complete the installation.
Reference Point 1/16 inch (1.5mm)
long at one end of the slot.
When the installation is finished a screw driver must
be used for adjustments.  The adjusting grip function
is not accessible inside the dial.
16mm Dial